Corporate Softskills

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Corporate Soft skills provides fresh insight on topics such as business communication skill, time management, leadership skills, negotiation skills, building and maintaining successful relationships with customers/colleagues and effective ways of dealing with stress. It also deals with aspects often overlooked by other management books such as workplace etiquette, writing a letter or an email, meeting people, preparing and making a presentation, telephone communication skill, travel etiquette, formal dressing for both men and women, dining etiquette, giving gifts, being a good guest and a good host, and cross-cultural etiquette where the focus is on the global business environment. This book teaches you all the skills you need for a successful career, to develop your personality and succeed in your chosen field of work. About the Author: Sarvesh Gulati Sarvesh Gulati, managing director, Softspan (India) Pvt. Ltd., works as a management and business consultant. He has been conducting workshops in softskills for the last seven years and has trained over 15,000 professionals. In a career spanning almost twenty years, Mr. Gulati was associated with CMC as manager (international business development) for a period of eight years; STG International as vice-president (marketing) for four years; and Net Across as vice-president (marketing and sales) before he established Softspan (India) Pvt. Ltd. in 1999.


Author : Sarvesh Gulati

ISBN   : 9788129120021

Publisher : Rupa Publications

What we offer : New, Excellent (Used), Good (Used), Readable (Used)

This Item Condition : New