About Us

Welcome to Talekart.


Talekart.com, India's first online book store for New & Second Hand (Used) Books at one place.  It’s a destination for those who want to buy, sell and read books at one place.

Talekart, the name tells itself  a "Story". There is always a story in Everything.

We don't consider "Book" as an object. We are a Book with writing, still being written.

We have been glanced at, passed over, picked up. We have been many books for many people.We are the book they don't pick up, We are the book they pick up but don't open, We are the book they pick up but never read, We are the book they have no time for. For some people we are enigmatic,romantic, fictional characters or some of them follow our foot steps, make us ideal, and read our biographies.

We just have to recognise which book we have to become and which we have to pick up in our Life.

Talekart.com, provides books in various category like Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Non- Fiction, Children, Self-Help and many more.

Here at Talekart, We just not only sell New books, we also sell used books. We have distinguished, Quality or Condition of books accordingly  :

Excellent (Used)
Mostly books are almost fresh or Old Stock from Publishers
Good   (Used)   
Readable (Used) Old but Well Maintained


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