Sales Mind

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48 tools, tips and psychological insights to help you step up your selling.

Selling is tough. Salespeople today face multiple challenges: mass competition, the race against technology, buyers blind to outdated techniques, to name but a few. It's clear that selling has evolved - and salespeople have to change too. Smart sellers need to take a psychological step up: the winners will be the ones with a finely tuned sales mind.

A sales mind uses an innate range of mental skills which are at everyone's disposal: the ability to see, to think and to improve. Drawing on the wisdom of psychology, philosophy and cultural history, Sales Mind ooks at how best to develop, master and use these critical skills.

Author Helen Kensett has used her lifelong sales experience to develop forty-eight visually-led sales tools to take you through the essential stages of great selling and to help develop the skills and techniques needed to close a sale. Starting with getting into the right frame of mind, through identifying and understanding a buyer's goals to practicalities such as writing a killer email subject line or creating an engaging story, each of the visuals is a practical tool designed to make you think again and take a fresh look at any situation where you need to make a pitch.
Author :  Helen kensett

ISBN   : 9781781256312

Publisher : hachette India

What we offer : New, Excellent (Used), Good (Used), Readable (Used)

This Item Condition : New