Handbook on Marketing Awareness

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The syllabus of IBPS and SBI Bank P.O. and Clerks examination has been changing in the recent times and the recent trends indicate increasing focus on knowledge and awareness about marketing of financial products, especially looking to the fierce competition in the Banking sector amongst Indian, Private and Foreign sector Banks in India. The employers now expect the aspiring candidates to possess the basic knowledge of marketing concepts and skill-sets so as they can face the challenges posed by Modern Private and Foreign sector Banks as well as to contribute effectively to the all-round growth of the organization.

This Book is compiled by a Senior Banker and it conforms to the latest trends and Exams. pattern. The author has over 26 years of rich working experience in Banking Industry and he joined State Bank Group as a P.O. over 2 decades ago. The Book coverage is comprehensive and the study material is described in a lucid manner and precisely, just right for your better understanding. The Glossary of Terminology is quite exhaustive and you would certainly find it valuable. The Book also includes a section of 15 sets (750 MCQs) of Multiple Choice Questions, which is certain to prepare you with confidence for the IBPS CWE or SBI Exams.

The aspiring candidates would find the book very useful in their preparation not only for the written competitive examinations but also for Personal Interviews in Banking and Financial sector companies in India.


Author : N K Gupta

ISBN : 9788192649504

Publisher : IBC ACademy Publication

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This Item Condition : Excellent (Used)